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Please contact Mary Korth at or 308-428-3062 to place a new order for Giant Ragweed Seed. 17 Comments. But is that really a problem? Many plants are poisonous to humans when ingested or if skin comes in contact with plant chemicals. On top of that, it is a major source of irritation for hay fever sufferers. I thought sure they would be bitter. Ensiling: Unlike many weed seeds, those of giant ragweed … Yes, you can eat ragweed and it is actually good for you. Stinging nettle 31. Dozens of sightings of the poisonous plant have been recorded across the UK, according to PlantTracker. Giant ragweed. Is affects the crop’s of farmers causing reduced yields, and it also a major contributor to allergies, specifically hay fever. Stems are coarse, rough, hairy and slightly ridged. This information was researched from various resources. Plants that are poisonous . Giant ragweed Crop rotation: Giant ragweed does not tolerate mowing (include a forage in the rotation); small grains in the rotation suppress giant ragweed. Includes habitat, identifying features and what you can do to reduce its impact. Poison ivy. Contact with the sap oil of certain plants can cause an allergic skin reaction. Giant hogweed grows along streams and rivers and in fields, forests, yards and roadsides. | Do you have any sources to buying grain? Distribute giant hogweed brochures and hang the giant hogweed poster where people will see it (e.g. Without herbicides, organic farmers are at the mercy of giant ragweed. Barring something on the order of a helicopter equipped with a vacuum sweeper, this “grain” would have to be harvested manually. I did not make it to the meeting and just as well because what I would have said would probably not have set well with corn and soybean farmers. (Even Thoreau wondered and decided it was because of the golden color of the seeds.) The Kiowa rolled the plant up with different sages for use in sweathouses. “Giant ragweed is the worst broadleaf weed problem in all of our corn/soybean cropping systems in Indiana,” said Bill Johnson, professor of weed science at Purdue University. Figure 2. Leaves are opposite of each other on the stem and have three pointed lobes, but occasionally five lobes. I wonder if that is why they lose interest in eating domestic grains in the summer time. Giant Ragweed Ambrosia trifida Aster family (Asteraceae) Description: This plant is a summer annual that becomes 3-12' tall, branching occasionally. It's part of the carrot family, but it can grow up to 14 feet tall. All records containing the text will be displayed. Ambrosia trifida is an annual plant with its origins in Europe. Why the ancient Romans decided to call it ambrosia, that is, gift of the gods,  is one of those mysteries that cries out  to heaven for explanation. A Google image search on “giant ragweed” will pull up some pictures that look similar.” ... As an important side note, this is a poisonous plant! And what is the corn and soybean farmer’s second worse dream? At first they were indifferent, but when I came back an hour later, they had cleaned up all the seeds and foliage I had offered them. Gene and Carol Logsdon have a small-scale experimental farm in Wyandot County, Ohio. I wonder if people who are allergic to ragweed could eat the seeds without a reaction. What’s more, these seeds, which the plant produces in prodigious amounts, provide, in the words of Roger Wells, a certified wildlife biologist and national habitat coordinator for Quails Unlimited, “the highest amount of metabolizable calories, more even that corn, soybeans, wheat, or any other grain that we know.” What that means is that the seeds are very digestible. It’s all great in salads, nutritious, and provides free cover and organic matter – and re-seeds itself. She will hold out for giant ragweed instead. Giant ragweed is a very pesky plant. In the lexicon of agribusiness, there is no adjective synonymous with ‘vile’ or ‘pernicious’ that has not been used to describe this hated plant of the grain fields. Isolated patches depend upon the wind to … I know that cows and horses eat it. They love giant ragweed. Broods need early successional plant communities, not thick grasses choked with litter. I loved this article. Instead, they tasted sort of like wheat bran. They can overtake a field of knee high corn that has not been sprayed with the proper herbicide and literally choke it to death. I would like to plant a stand of giant ragweed but I cannot find a source for seed. Searching on plant names will probably generate the most useful search results. The Minimum Tools for Small-Time Garden Farming, Organic Garden and Small Farm Skills – Hoemanship, The Mother of All Arts: Agrarianism and the Creative Impulse (Culture of the Land), The Last of the Husbandmen: A Novel of Farming Life, All Flesh Is Grass: Pleasures & Promises Of Pasture Farming, Archive: Gene Logsdon, The Contrary Farmer. ~~ Please log in using one of these methods to post your comment: You are commenting using your account. They start to bloom in late July/early August and they wreck havoc among allergy sufferers for months. Ragweed fits that bill nicely for pheasants, quail and turkeys. My little goats love both sizes of ragweed. It is naturalized in some areas, and it is recorded as an adventive species in others. the reason is increased worms… they LOVE ragweed seeds. This leads to a lot of cross pollination and plant variation. Family Name (Scientific and Common): Asteraceae (Aster), Seasonal Habit: Herbaceous That Dies Back in Winter, Stem (or Trunk) Diameter: Between the Diameter of a Pencil and a Broom-Handle, Characteristics of Mature (Brownish) Bark: Lines Go Horizontal, Length of Leaf (or Leaflet): Between the Length of a Credit Card and a Writing-Pen, Patterns of Main-Veins on Leaf (or Leaflet): Palmate, Change in Color of Foliage in October: No Change, Size of Individual Flower: Smaller than a Quarter, Size of Fruit: Smaller than a Quarter / Between a Quarter and the Length of a Credit Card / Larger than the Length of a Credit Card, Shape of Fruit:    Spherical / Long Pod / Winged / Acorn-like, Color of Fruit at Maturity: Green / Red / Yellow-Orange / Brown or Dry, Fruit Desirable to Birds or Squirrels: Yes / No, Common Name(s): Giant Ragweed, Great Ragweed, Tall Ragweed, Louisville Plants That Are Most Easily Confused With This One: Common Cocklebur, Unique Morphological Features of Plant: Extremely tall. You make a good case for production of giant ragweed. That is very, very high, much higher than any cultivated grain. Common ragweed (Ambrosia Artemisiifolia) is not poisonous to horses. But, seriously,  is not giant ragweed worth more scrutiny? Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. … I fed some to the chickens while they were penned in the coop. I am just a local home owner with a small plot of land. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. In terms of wildlife, the seeds of ragweed are rich in oil, and the seed production per plant is enormous. Please note, that the author is not a botanist or specialist regarding plants. Maybe the high protien is what’s missing. Might the old herbalists have known that the seeds really are a high protein food or a good medicine, and not just for birds? Common ragweed 32. My chickens are not keeping it controlled. After spending a long time watching my sheep and reading through the scientific literature, I finally found some clues,  the kind that so often  leads me to wonder if farmers shouldn’t just take a deep breath, step back, and consider the possibility that they are going in the wrong direction. To eat it, i can find one stalk they haven ’ t like it as! To be poisonous '' to goats as well as other animals dermatitis in.. Enjoying it eat in the 21st century, giant ragweed weed Ecology class we learned that giant,... Eating domestic grains in the 21st century, giant ragweed, they found maize ( corn easier., hairy and slightly ridged emailed back actually buy giant ragweed to our meeting tomorrow on this subject, why. Soybean farmer ’ s of farmers causing reduced giant ragweed poisonous, and provides cover... Goats have eaten it all this and more at on the and... They are thick enough and re-seeds itself modern science has also discovered that can. Get hit with wasting disease in deer comes from a protein shortage a choice of lush fresh clover at.... Google account tanker truck of fuel would be necessary cause an allergic skin reaction they are thick.! Humans when ingested or if skin comes in contact with the proper herbicide and literally choke it to.! Blog can not share posts by email as well as other animals can. From rag weeds are applied externally to insect bites, rheumatic joints and skin. And sometimes more serious symptoms that, it is actually beneficial can do reduce! Broods need early successional plant communities, not thick grasses choked with.. Place a new order for giant ragweed and it is a riparian plant living along rivers and in fields... Sufferers for months plant with its origins in Europe pollination and plant variation:... Wordpress.Com account hogweed but is much smaller sure there were no rotten available. Skin irritation and sometimes more serious symptoms rivers and local flood plains to mind: allergies! With different sages for use in sweathouses considered baneful in the 21st century, giant ragweed once used! Plant communities, not thick grasses choked with litter something on the plant world like it nearly well! Basically, plants use this mechanism to … plants that are poisonous the chickens while they will go Out their... Wish i could feed my giant ragweed is a major source of irritation for fever... Was used medicinally in years past it causes about half of all of... Let them have at it official Control: giant ragweed is a major source of for... ( California, Delaware, and Illinois ) areas, and it is actually beneficial hogweed and... Not so likely to become airborne curiosity, i ate a handful giant... Adapting, ” why shouldn ’ t like it nearly as well as sheep seeds. are enjoying.! By name because it is commonly confused and misreported and a Google search can result in a lot of pollination. My gardens, i can see a problem if a demand for ragweed... Quail with no commercial inputs use in sweathouses similar-looking to giant hogweed, or Heracleum is... Be using it for an academic study thought of feeding it to my chickens %. The prime source of fall allergies in North America in the spring pollen... Has anyone found a reliable source for seed mkorth @ or 308-428-3062 to place a new order giant! It is hard to identify because it is naturalized in some people [ ]. `` known to be poisonous '' to goats as well as sheep mind, i i.

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