new clutch high biting point

A high biting point on the clutch means that it is necessary to press the lever for a longer distance until the clutch is effectively engaged. Although I must say I would not have got a new clutch because someone told me the biting point was high. I have had a clutch that grabs a 1/4" off the floorboard and a clutch … Faulty clutch. Posted 3 years ago When I tried to start from a stop in 1st metal shavings came out of the AC vents and then I couldn't get the car to move. Something similar happens in cars with a hydraulic system and a manual gearbox. New clutch, very high engagement point. Hey people, Really sorry just hijacking a thread on the Community but just had a new clutch fitted on my 320D E90 and the biting point is Ridiculously High. I was naive and didn't think too much about the high clutch biting point.Fifteen months and less than 4000 miles later, having been helped on … When you get a new clutch, the pads are at full width and the biting point is lower. Presume this would apply to Bora PD models with 6 speed as well, and when a new clutch is fitted the biting point may be lower than the one it replaced then adjusts itself to its normal biting point (i.e high) over a preiod of time. I scheduled an appointment to get it looked at and on the way to the shop (an hour long drive) it went out completely. Completely normal, its because its a brand new clutch which has zero wear on it. I think it is something other than air in the system. The bite point in my civic is almost at … Biting point was so high my heel couldn’t be on the floor when releasing the clutch. Don’t think bite point position relates to how borked the clutch is. The adjustment on the pedal is not really changing the engagement of the clutch.. it's just changing pedal travel mostly. i've driven about 6 different mk4 golfs, and they all have high biting points. Causing clutch drag and a biting point really really low . As a clutch wear, it takes longer for the plates to come together which means your biting point gets higher. I have been driving manual for 5 years now and I never drove a car with such a high biting point. Surely there has to be a problem it's an hydrolic clutch so the bite point should always be at the bottom unless you have an issue with the slave or master cylinder. But during the test drive, I noticed the car had a really high clutch biting point, more than half way up. Well that's the thing. its just the way they are . In this case, the pedal needs to be pushed lower to actuate the clutch. I bought my Ocotber 2006 DB9 in March 2009. Discussion Starter • #1 • 9 mo ago. Riding the clutch, driving for long distances with the clutch partially engaged; Dropping the clutch, i.e.- racing starts; Slowing down the vehicle by downshifting and using the engine backpressure to slow the car down. New clutch, bit point high. I did not notice any clutch slip during driving and the salesman said thats how mazdas are. There's no leaks, fluid was changed 3 months ago. Resulting in the master cylinder moving fully but the slave cylinder only moving partial amount of its designed travel.. the the pressure place would still be half clamping the clutch to the flywheel. Like contamination. 1 Posts . So my previous clutch started slipping pretty bad out of nowhere. I'm finding hard to get used to the biting point as it is, but maybe that's how a new clutch is supposed to be like. As said, I put the car on axle stands, bite point was mid/low.

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